My mother

There are days when I feel like I’m a supermom and capable of running a household and raising a child; that I can do it all. There are times, where I miss you, and where it’s really hard without you.

In those times when I lose my cool under frustration, I wish you would be here. I miss your help or advice and that “go to” person for everything baby related. I can’t call you to say how exhausted I am and in reality, you’re the only one who would really care. I miss you calming me down or laughing at the chaos and confusion you used to know so well. I can’t have a conversation with you about how you managed it all; how you could handle three kids in a row, how you could take care of a huge house so perfectly, how you could manage to work – even if it was just part time, and prepare the best food and sweets for us so regularly.
And when I’m dumbfounded with the happiness kiddo brings me, I cannot tell you how amazing it feels.

Mothering has taught me how strong you have been and what you mainly alone could persevere through. I will always love you!

Cheers to all the strong mothers and women out there. Happy Women’s Day!

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